How to Maximize Your Globe myLifestyle Shopping Pack

October 16, 2015

How productive is your mobile life? Have you fully maximized your lifestyle with it? 

Even if the future of commerce is already mobile, shopping on our phones is not always as easy as summoning GrabTaxi. Thanks to mobile plans that cater specifically to your lifestyle, you can now build it exactly as how you want it to be. When Globe Telecom introduced their myLifestyle plans back in January, life suddenly became easier.

Initially the template was for us to get a base plan at P499 with built in unlimited call and text services (and more awesome features) then pack on add-ons that will sync well with our lifestyle.


My favorite myGlobe Lifestyle Promo Pack was (no surprise there!) is their Shopping Pack at P299. Customers into shopping and e-commerce can subscribe to Shopping Bundle, which extends access to sites such as,, eBay, and Zalora, also for P299 a month. These subscribers also get an extra 5% off with their purchases from Zalora. With these Life and Productivity Packs, you get to eat, play, live with the right apps for your everyday tasks.




The Shopping bundle (Amazon, Ayos Dito, eBay, OLX, Zalora) means that while waiting for your boarding time, your hair to be done, your nails to dry – you don’t have to go to an actual physical store to grab your favorite goods on display. How is this possible?

(1) Globe’s Shopping Pack and Lifestyle Plans understands our needs. Given that the unli call and text is already present, the base offer makes is å default service for everyone.

(2) Globe’sShopping Pack and Lifestyle Plans is filled with wonderful surprises and content! Besides the Shopping bundle, it also offers the Surf packs (GoSURF) and the great content coming from the partnerships (Facebook, Viber, Whatsapp, NBA, Disney, Spotify, and HOOQ), where everyone can gets to enjoy all his and her favorites through my plan.


(3) Globe’s myLifestyle Plan is highly customizable depending on your digital lifestyle. What if the shopping pack isn’t enough for your fast-paced lifestyle?

image_gallery olx

Hi from us after adding to carts from our favorite stores at Globe’s Shopping Pack.


Love the way you live? Discover the Plan that’s built for your everyday life with the latest handsets powered by myLifestyle Plan. Apply online now or call hotline 730-1010 or visit


Basics and Giordano

September 9, 2015

Don’t be fooled by “basic”. They’re hardly the most boring lot.

CFB 54

When Giordano launched their Bank on Basics line last June, it was a shout out to all basic-friendly, well-made timeless classics of khakis, shirts, and polos.  They’re budget-friendly, too. It’s for the jetsetter who can just throw it in while galloping through airports. The student who needed an everyday look in different colors. The glam squad. How I styled the Giordano basic v-neck t-shirt made me want to downplay everything else that’s going on in this outfit – that’s the best part of basics, if everything else is already too much, you can rely on them like rain on a hot summer day. Continue Reading…


Why L-Glutathione Isn’t Just for Skin Whitening

July 22, 2015

I’m drawn to Filipina skin. Born. Developed. In keeping with the Filipina DNA, I’ve always loved, wanted, desired, and yearned for always maintaining the morena-just-gotten-out-from-the-ocean-kind-of-skin. Hence, the countless trips to the beach and the need to be always out in the sun not only made me close to charcoal-black but also acne-prone. The skin discoloration and pimples were so bad that I found myself seeing zits and several uneven patches of skin all over my body.


My recent affair with Vida Nutriscience’s Snow Whitening Soaps and L-Glutathione capsules made me go back to rethinking about whitening and taking care of your skin. It’s a new kind of beauty when you succumb to the bleaching syndrome that made you valorize light skin tones but this time adds to the element of skin care.

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