When Friends Wed

A good friend got married and it was the first wedding I have been to in 2012. I have a feeling it is not going to be my last.

IMG_7665-2 (2)

See how everyone went nuts with the hats and fur?

IMG_7718-2 (2)

I guess I’m always a big fan of last minute decisions because I knew about my friend’s birthday a year ago when he called me looking for places to shop for feather boas. What for — ? Until he revealed that his theme was all Sopranos, Mafioso and The Godfather that I understood that he might be needing fedoras, suits and vests in the future.

The future was January in 2012 and well, I wasn’t really prepared for another homecoming just when we were recently back in Cagayan during the holidays. Yep, it was depressing post-Sendong so I wasn’t really sure about reliving another depressing homecoming (not to mention a homeless family to go home to).

But Hector, oh, Hector – that moody giant of a boy is Tita Helen’s very dependable, trustworthy and hardworking businessman of a son who has been there for me since we were in high school. Kooks – if he gets into those episodes – CALL ME! Haha!

The rarity of having friends like that is truly a gem to keep. You know you are really, really good friends with that person when the next time you see each other after almost a decade long hiatus is during the most important day of his life –

Congratulations, Hector and Kookie! We love you!

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Happy wedding also to Kristy who met her groom in Singapore, a fellow Cebuano. *hums Its A Small World*

One of my bestfriends since grade school, Xenia, also got married last year.

I get goosebumps everytime I remember her walking down that aisle but I felt like it was just last week that we both climbed over the gate at my parent’s house to sneak out and party while my sleeping parents we were just having a sleepover in my room.

Sigh. Too many weddings, so little time. Toodles.


What Goes First This Time

Disregard the horrible asthma attack in 1999 that made me promise to live each day like it was my last. This is no longer about me especially when the blasted typhoon could almost wipe an entire city in one hour. Or your entire family.

December 17, 2011 – 1:00 a.m
Text message from Pau: Did you talk to your mom yet? Major flood in CDO. City wiped out. I’m calling my mom now. Nobody is answering. Checked Facebook. Nothing from friends.

December 17, 2011 – 1:30 a.m
Talked to mom who narrated the story. She drove our SUV while Dad locked the doors. Water was waist-high. Everyone was asleep was she can’t still shake off the feeling that what if my dad had a heart attack and got stuck in the middle of it all.
Mom rested. Glad everyone is safe. House is submerged in water though.

December 17, 20113:00 a.m.
Refreshed Facebook and Twitter for news. Horrified at others’ plight. Frustrating that no news came out from the TV Stations. Being helpless does not begin to describe it. Friends and people from all over the world who somehow have a connection in Cagayan show signs of solidarity. Very overwhelming.

Just glad that friends are okay. Our dog Hugo was gone though. He was a gift from my friend Jeff and because he was my first pet, he trained me well – to become a good mom. I hope he still thinks so – wherever he is now. My mom said when the water rose up, he probably floated from his cage and went somewhere else. Bye Hugo. Thank you for the memories.

A Plea for Sendong Victims in CDO. Please HELP.

//as of January 6, 2012 1:00 PM AM MNL

This is maybe devasting but we need to see the photos. The reaction is required to generate the most needed response ever – ACTION. 

The complete set of photos are here

SENDONG VICTIMS HELP CDO DONATE GOODSOur house perished like diarrhea and my family is one of those who were forced to evacuate. I pray for the gratefulness of it all. Please extend what you can for flood-stricken victims in Cagayan de Oro, Iligan and the rest of the Philippines.

Evacuation Centers in Cagayan de Oro City

City Central School in Yacapin-Velez Streets
West City Central School in Vamenta Blvd, Carmen
Macasandig Gym
Bulua Gymnasium
Xavier University