A Plea for Sendong Victims in CDO. Please HELP.

//as of January 6, 2012 1:00 PM AM MNL

This is maybe devasting but we need to see the photos. The reaction is required to generate the most needed response ever РACTION. 

The complete set of photos are here

SENDONG VICTIMS HELP CDO DONATE GOODSOur house perished like diarrhea and my family is one of those who were forced to evacuate. I pray for the gratefulness of it all. Please extend what you can for flood-stricken victims in Cagayan de Oro, Iligan and the rest of the Philippines.

Evacuation Centers in Cagayan de Oro City

City Central School in Yacapin-Velez Streets
West City Central School in Vamenta Blvd, Carmen
Macasandig Gym
Bulua Gymnasium
Xavier University



Yes, this Birthday Post is Long Overdue

Just like everything else is OVERDUE. Nothing funny here. My birthday was last October 3 and the boyfriend was on September 26. That makes us Librans. Yes, I am everything nice and diplomatic and confrontation-phobic and indecisive. My friends love me. My family thinks I’m their prodigal daughter who sets off on her own and comes back whenever she wants to. My sisters sometimes count the times my mom indulges me which is quite scary if you ask me because I begin to wonder how they are like 10 years from now. But I love them and they love me back and joke about still getting blessings from mom even if I am in my mid-20s and employed.¬†

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Welcome to Signature Lane

//Kiwi Swirl photos here

Right smacked in the center of Cagayan de Oro (no, it is not Divisoria according to some government officials) is the Pascual’s humble store that sells everything¬† from Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer to Victoria’s Secret lotions to Gap shirts. You can check out some of their items in their eBay store here.

Signature Lane CDO

Basti is excited to go out!

I love how humble these boys (Jay, John and Juancho) started out. From eBay and online transactions to finally opening up a store, you can really say business is blooming, booming, zooming!

Meet the Marketing Director (no, not the one sniffing below) – Jay Pascual

I personally love that Signature Lane has their own tester counter where practically all of their perfumes, colognes and lotion bottles are on trial. Should your perfume/cologne/lotion of your choice doesn’t have their own tester version, do not hesitate to ask for one. Continue Reading